What this ISN'T

  • A cookie cutter, Cosmopolitan magazine programme telling you to do some squats, how to lose your belly fat and advising to just eat some chicken and broccoli for two weeks.
  • Me handing over a programme I have worked on, you taking a look, trying and finding it too (easy/hard/boring) for us never to speak again.
  • A quick fix.
  • Me just giving you a meal plan Monday to Sunday.
  • A plan where we stay strangers, not knowing much about you, what you really want and never really being able to help you.

What this IS...

  • A personalised plan to help you find 1) what works best for your body 2) Have you doing the least for the best results 3) Have you working towards your goals in a way that will be sustainable long term.
  • A check in every week where, you put in the effort to do the things asked of you for you to see results and me to gain knowledge. Where we discuss how its going, and you share what works for you and what doesn't.
  • A long term strategy to keep you in this consistently, progressively, transitioning into a lifestyle. 
  • A plan where you have to make better choices, and learn what works for you and your body. Where you eat intuitively, not relying on a plan that isn't fitting to your lifestyle and a plan that fits into yours. 
  • We get to know each other, I learn what you hate doing, what you will do, what effort your willing to give and you learn about me and who I am so you trust that I will support you along the way.

How it works...

  • We have a 30 minute Skype chat where I find out what you are looking for and we see if we are the right fit for one another. 
  • You then decide what programme you want.
  • I then find out how you have been training what you have been eating, a bit about your lifestyle.
  • Nutrition: Each week you get given Macro numbers to hit to suit your goals.
  • Training: A programme is written to help us assess your strengths, where you are at, to progressively see changes to meet your goals.
  • Each day you fill in a tracker of your numbers and training. 
  • I have access to your MyFitnessPal and we work together to make better choices each week, whilst fitting in foods that will keep your soul happy. 
  • Each week you send me answers to questions of how it's been going, what we can work on better the following week. 
  • Each week we look at the programme and aim to lift more, train hard and change the programme where necessary.