Arcadia Christmas...

Walk around in ore for at least an hour, look for price tags and then remember your not actually shopping and these items are not actually for sale. Esh kapesh. 

The whole event tested our will power. It took everything in us not to whip off our boring clothes and change into all the lovely, beautiful Christmas editions. Our eyes... sparkled as we looked around the room. Not only at the scrumptious clothes, but there was a cocktail bar... and canapés. Dare I say it, our fav type of food. Lots of it in small form. What could be better. A mini canapé burger is obviously only 20 calories, no need to calorie count at this do.

Whilst we sipped our cookies and cream Cocktail from a mini milk bottle (obviously making it taste ten times better) we sort through rails of Topshop, Miss self ridge,  Wallis, Bhs... and we tingled with joy... why the heck wasn't it Christmas yet.

Here's a breakdown of a few of our favs and what they will have on offer...


Navy, fur, long gowns, grey, jumpers, Co ordinates and .... galore.

Miss selfridge

A Sparkles and vintage affair.


Creams, pastels, nudes, pretty girly pieces to have you looking chic through the whole party season.