Back from LA...

Packed, pressies bought, last audition done, flat tire fixed, glass of wine had, goodbyes said and it's off to LAX, (one of the worst airports ever) checked in, bags surprisingly within weight and eleven hours later we are back on British soil.

Ahhhh the joys. 

After spending a month living in a constant state of positivity, productivity and joy, it's easy to assume that that carries on. That TFL wouldn't make me want to throw a tantrum and the overcast sky would not make me feel like crying. Because you totally believe that you are now this zenned out, positive ray of sunshine that does not freak out at the mere thought of all the things on her to do list.

I pretty much know exactly what I want to do with my life, know how I could make good money doing what I love and that living in the present is the only way to 'be' and funnily enough... thinking all of these above is completely and utterly fees able when the sun is out, your not having to do a 9-5 job and you're stress for the day is 'to valet or not to valet' outside the cafe that your about to eat in. Yes being 'that person' is easy in LA.

Bringing it back to the real world is a different story. The real world means wearing tights,  topping up your oyster, registering at temp agencies, paying rent, and resisting the urge to watch shite TV like x factor. The real world consists of finding time, running out of time and needing more time.

Life as I knew it in LA seems to have diffused into the ether and as I clutch at any positive thought I can, which seems impossible when the mere fact that the rent is due in three days and I need to do four loads of washing, the dentist has told me I need so many fillings I could go to Mexico with the money (twice), the bathroom needs cleaning and I guess the dilemma is, how to keep hold of those positive thoughts whilst real life continues to happen. Because real life has a way of just doing that... It happens. And whilst I'm trying to get back to the easy, breezy light hearted, go with the flow self that I was a few weeks ago across the pond, I'm missing life and all the little awesome things that happen along the way. Of course LA life is a love affair. It's hot, fast paced and just completely new and exciting, but it's an experience that has been and gone, for now. And instead of wishing I were back there, I should really start appreciating real life whilst it persists. And it does persist.

My aim this week-To experience all the glorious things in real life the way I did in LA. 

So... I had noted, that whilst I would walk around LA I would see cute little cafe/bars where people would eat cheese and brownies and chutneys, there were plant shops and gift stores full of odd looking, quirky cactus's that I had no use for, but knew I wanted at least five, and I would get over excited at the wondrous things I could go in and smell or take pictures of. I would literally sit in these coffee shops and breath in deeply and taste every atom of coffee that I drank (despite not loving coffee as much as I am sure I pretend to) Every moment I would savour... enjoy and... take in. Then today I was wondering around London Bridge and I walked into Borough Market and I spotted a cute coffee shop where people sat outside eating Camembert with a French loaf, and a plant stall with gorgeous plants that would make my small flat look like a greenhouse and gift shops that were selling boutiquey expensive items that I would love to buy (that I cannot afford) and I suddenly realised... If I look at real life with different eyes, from a whole new perspective, there are so many awesome, cute, pretty places and things right in front of me. All the things I appreciated in LA, I have right here under my nose in my normal, mundane everyday world. And I guess that's the point. Normal mundane everyday life is just as exciting and interesting and amazing an experience as LA was. 

Just with less sun!