In Lala Land...

The time finally came, LA bound, all packed up, byes said, hugs and kisses galore. Two films, two gluten free plane meals, one four hour nap, five wees and one chapter of a new book down and we were there, in 30 degree heat, birks and fedora hats at the ready.

We had been waiting for this day for such a while, yet had had no time to think about it or even conceive what was happening as we had been so busy in the lead up... and here it was. Los Angeles in all it's glory.

First stop The Mondrian.

Now Bobbie would obviously not have a hair out of place, on her head let alone anywhere else, She would have waxed, shaved, bleached and all would be in order. Her skin would glow with the oily sun cream, her tan lines would be even, if there at all. Knowing Bobbie she would be all over one colour, somehow, without sunbathing naked. Her hair in a top not looking chic not pineapple and her costume would be simply plain, yet exactly the right shape for her perfect bod.

Then there was myself... stubbly pitts, frizzy pineaple hair, 3 different tan marks from the three ill fitted costumes, skin like clay from the 30 factor suncream that won't rub in and basically, I looked a dam right mess. But it's OK... it's just a pool for christ sake. Noone cares. Noone but myself.  And that is the biggest challenge of all.

I'm going to give a break down of my time in LA. The good the bad and the Ugly. Blogs are always filled with how great people's lives are. And through the eyes of Facebook and instagram they are. Of course, pretty and beautiful and full of hope. That's how life should be. The positive in all of it. But... and this is not a negative... but then there is real life. 

Yes I am in LA, yes it's sunny, opportunity is rife, there is cocktails and palm trees, beaches, shops galore, quaint coffee shops and as many veg juice shops as there are Starbucks (I've been in starbucks way more) life out here is insanely lovely, and I am grateful. But there wouldn't be anything worth reading if I really only gave you the good bits... 

I won't post crappy pics of palm trees galore, well, not all of the time, but I will post my daily pics exciting or not and I will write how I am feeling day to day. Mainly to document my time because there are only so many memories and feelings of memories or memories of feelings you can store.. so this is my time in LA... my journey in blog format.