Becoming a grown up...

It happened, the week before Christmas came and I turned a year older. I have now been around for three whole decades. I was super excited to become a sophisticated, classy woman. Because that's what happens when you turn thirty. Over night you become the woman you have always dreamed about becoming. The one on the Pinterest boards. That woman. I was now her. Groomed, hair did, nails done, healthy eating under way, home in order, a wardrobe to die for... Pah!

To help me into such a change, the boyf spoilt me with a new camera... which means, real life blog pics! I have never been so exited, So I couldn't help but document my birthday celebrations. They included a trip to the Sanderson 'Mad Hatters Tea party', The Ace hotel and Sketch, just off Regents Street. I ate, ate and ate some more, because as a thirty year old woman, you are so self assured with your body image, you just don't care how many calories you eat :)