Growing up... getting old!

Your reaching the big 3 0, your not getting ID'd like you used to, you start asking for olives as a starter and drinking flat whites on your break. You even... dare I say it, would rather have a nice dinner with a glass of red than a pack of squares and a shot before you head out. You buy things like antipasti and say things like, 'gosh, I need a massage' and you realise that suddenly your a grown up. A what? A fully fledged grown up? Ok so not quite fully fledged... We still do a wash load more than once (never three) sometimes three... We still find 'keeping up with the Kardashians' to be good tv, we still waste money we should be saving for a mortgage on that top we will only wear once... and then you realise your stuck... between wanting to be a grown up and wishing also that you didn't need to call the plumber, iron your clothes and do admin on a Saturday.(we never iron our clothes)  But if we are going to have to grow up,  we wanna do it in style. So a walk in closet... tick, classy tea cups we will never use... tick, white chic 'everything' that will be totally impractical to live in... check, fluffy bean bag that will definitely cost more than the bed... check, a sofa so pretty we only look at and never sit on and a house, one that's not so old it falls apart but so new that it has no character. One that's close enough to the tube but not extortionately priced for such a luxury. One that's elegant, tidy, clean, homely and the home we always dreamed of... check? We don't want much. But we can always dream..

and of course blog about it.