The Golden Globes

She would not run around kissing Zooey Deschanel and grinning scary grins at Leo across the table (THE Leo you dreamed of after watching Titanic and despised Rose for just 'letting him go') Nor would she run up to Lupita and stroke her arm because her skin just looks Oh so soft... What, Bobbie wouldn't tell Jennifer Lawrence how they had the same shoes? Except hers are probably really expensive and Bobbies were from Zara and she got them in the sale...

Erm, no, no, no. Bobbie would obviously fit right in. She would smile sweetly at Jared Leto and she'd softly say 'excuse me' to get passed Christian Bale and when he steps on her toe, she doesn't squeal and flap about, she just says 'no worries' and moves on to her table where she sips her champagne. She does not gulp it down and ask for another, nor does she get her phone out and take snaps all night for instagramming. Bobbie laughs when Jesse from Breaking Bad tells her a joke and then has an intellectual debate with Chiwetel...

OK OK we get it, it's not like we would do any of that stuff either, at all, ever...

Bobbie would however have some fav moments that she would bank. His smile, her shoes, their chemistry... Oh yes, she would never miss some good old fashioned chemistry.

Hurrah, Hooray, we've picked ours and Bobbies best bits from last nights event, the first of many awards style favs.

The Make up

The class

The hair

The bump

The man

The guilty pleasure

The beauty

The couple