Vegas Prep...

Apart from the obvious... shave, wax, bleach the tash... Bobbie doesn't have a tash obviously. But we might do. Slightly. Bobbie also looks effortlessly chic in everything. Which we obviously do as well *cough cough. But to help us along the way we are acquiring a few basics. Now vegas basics are not the same as your normal holiday basics. To be quite honest they are not basics at all, more sequined, tighter, brighter, less of it... vegas basics quite frankly aren't basic. We are not inclined to a tight, strappy,  sequined flannel sized dress... but, when in Rome.  The thing is, Bobbie would do it with class and style. What so no lycra? 

Our top pics for the trip would be...

Oversized sun hat from zara, or believe it or not, primark have some gooduns.

Some Jason Wu or Michael Kors sunnies

A wet look leather bikini from Triangl

A sexy kind of naked but not, one piece...

try here


Levis high waisted denim shorts. Always.

A floor length kimono beach cover up

Some slider sandals

Skater slip on pumps

Camo vest in pastels

At least one pair of strappy heels.


or Steve madden

Some lace trim shorts as per zara

Essential white vest/t

Sequined tube skirt and or dress... misguided

River Island structured crop top

found here


I pretty crop top for a more classy look by Bobbies boutique very own

And some palazzo pants... Zara do a lovely range.