A few days before Vegas

Go on another shopping trip... Obvs. 3 sleeps to go, 2 sunnies, 3 pairs of lashes,  1 massive sun hat down and Vegas is drawing near. So today, another bank holiday, I thought it only fair to myself to do a last minute shop. One can never 'window shop' too much. Because obviously one is 'just' window shopping.

Today's outfit for such a 'browse' is modelled by Primarks very own brand ambassador... now we stopped shopping in Primark for a while. Clothes seemed to go down hill fast. And we wanted to buy more classic pieces that would last forever... well at least until we were 35 say. But recently we managed to purchase some great pieces that we think, if the washing machine allows, will last us at least until we are 30... The blazer, the vest and the wet look jeans, all from Primarche...

Huh? That's only 7 months away? Well they will definitely last till then then!