A night out with the gals...

Gals being our mum, aunty and Dads girlfriend. Gone are the Fridays drinking vodka until 12 am and heading out in short shorts and gold hoops to the club with the dirty floor. I mean... as we approach 30 that sort of behaviour only seems acceptable once every few months. The days are here when dinner in a cute little French bistro replaces 4am trips to the 24hr MacDonalds. Effing ek... when did we get old.

Chez Elles

on Brick lane is the perfect place to dine. The owners/waitresses are friendly, helpful, approachable. They remember my dad's girlfriend and make familiar conversation. They served us bread whilst we waited for our aunty and recommended olives until she arrived... and of course, we obliged.

The menu was hard to chose from as there were too many yummy dishes. We went with a goats cheese salad to start and I have never had goats cheese like it. Soft, and creamy and smooth. For mains we indulged in a beautiful rump steak and fries with bone marrow. Something we had not tried before. Everything melted in our mouths. We are drooling as we type. For dessert we all shared, but I had most of the the winner pudding. Pistachio crème brulee... The memory still resides on our taste buds. Mmmmm.

If you ever decide to head to Brick lane for a quiet civilised evening, head here. The atmosphere, the cocktails,  the decor makes for a beautiful, classy, if not very mature evening. We giggled and laughed long into the night.

Kimono from H&M

Hat from Primark

A weekend back home...

We all know it will involve food. Food, family and friends.

We spent the weekend back where we grew up and had quality time with some of the people that mean most to us. The sun was out which made for a day in the park, even if we were silly enough to go 'black on black... on black' Ahhh well, you can't go wrong with black. There was cheesecake, mocktails and sun...

After a day writing in the park with the gorgeous mum it was time to get dolled up and head for a girlie night out at Rock Salt in Ascot. They treated us lovely and made us custom mocktails. We live a balanced lifestyle, which meant french fries and a sundae were on the menu to indulge in. They were truly worth it. We then went back to our friends and talked about things that would make boys cry... i shall not share, but girls... I'm sure you can imagine.

 Dress from H&M

 Greek yoghurt, frozen banana, agave mousse

 #ottd Sponsored by Primark

 Raspberry Mocktails at

Rock Salt Ascot

 Zara heels on the left

Lemon cheesecake from

Bray marina

2nd birthday partay...

Do a little shopping of course.

And shopped we did. Nothing extravegant. It never is. We shop on a budget and we think we shop well. We certainly go by the 'buy less, chose well' moto. Except in the dreaded jumble sale that is primark we often buy whatever we see that has potential and then take stuff back. We all know Primark isn't the best quality, and that is fine by us when we are buying signature pieces that may only work for a couple of seasons. So when we saw a bright yellow jacket with scalloped edging we could not refuse. Another jacket with a lovely print was another buy. Lovley for now. May not wear come next spring. And that's ok when it was a mere £17 squid. The question we always ask ourselves... Could this be mistaken for Zara? The question often serves us well... bargains... check.  Zara style for less... check... 3 pairs of shoes... check!