A weekend back home...

We all know it will involve food. Food, family and friends.

We spent the weekend back where we grew up and had quality time with some of the people that mean most to us. The sun was out which made for a day in the park, even if we were silly enough to go 'black on black... on black' Ahhh well, you can't go wrong with black. There was cheesecake, mocktails and sun...

After a day writing in the park with the gorgeous mum it was time to get dolled up and head for a girlie night out at Rock Salt in Ascot. They treated us lovely and made us custom mocktails. We live a balanced lifestyle, which meant french fries and a sundae were on the menu to indulge in. They were truly worth it. We then went back to our friends and talked about things that would make boys cry... i shall not share, but girls... I'm sure you can imagine.

 Dress from H&M

 Greek yoghurt, frozen banana, agave mousse

 #ottd Sponsored by Primark

 Raspberry Mocktails at

Rock Salt Ascot

 Zara heels on the left

Lemon cheesecake from

Bray marina

Virtusize at 'Duck and Waffle'...

Eat all the scrummy breakfast she can possibly fit in her belly of course.

There is nothing we love more than food (except for fashion) but free food and

Duck and Waffle

free food... well now, that is another story. We were assisting the style editor of Loaded magazine to the press launch for 'Virtusize' an on-line retailers dream.

The concept behind their programme is that it will allow people to shop on-line far more easier than ever before. We all know we go to order something from Asos or Topshop and of course, it looks great on said model. The model with legs up to her armpits and a waist the size of our ankle, but how will that dress actually look on our legs which most certainly don't go up to our armpits. Of course, we can look at the measurements of the garment and measure our waist that is most definitely bigger than our ankles, and we can see that yes, perhaps it will fit, but how it fits is a whole other ball game. So Virtusize ask you to take three measurements of a dress that fits you perfectly, and it will personally, on the spot, compare the garment you want to buy to the one you already own, that fits like a glove. It will even suggests the best matched size. Once you have measured one garment, Virtusize store this information so you only have to measure the key garments once... ermmm, perfect much? Well not only this, their new version does online comparisons to past on-line purchases you have made... So, your searching on Asos and you see a fab pair of cigarette pants that you couldn't possibly live without, you want to know if these will fit as well as your Zara ones you bought last month (stop judging, you can never have too many cigarette pants) and Virtusize will compare the items and you will be able to see if these Asos ones will fit you just as well as the Zara ones you bought.

Well, need I say more. Anything that saves us time and energy and makes on-line shopping that little bit easier, we are down for. So next time your on Asos, see the 'fit visualiser' tab and click it... and the rest is pretty self explanatory.

Now where were we... oh yes, scrummy food made by the lovely chefs at Duck and Waffle @tomCenci and @DanDoherty

We were looked after well and we can't thank the Virtusize team enough... now, we are off to do some on-line shopping...

2nd birthday partay...

Do a little shopping of course.

And shopped we did. Nothing extravegant. It never is. We shop on a budget and we think we shop well. We certainly go by the 'buy less, chose well' moto. Except in the dreaded jumble sale that is primark we often buy whatever we see that has potential and then take stuff back. We all know Primark isn't the best quality, and that is fine by us when we are buying signature pieces that may only work for a couple of seasons. So when we saw a bright yellow jacket with scalloped edging we could not refuse. Another jacket with a lovely print was another buy. Lovley for now. May not wear come next spring. And that's ok when it was a mere £17 squid. The question we always ask ourselves... Could this be mistaken for Zara? The question often serves us well... bargains... check.  Zara style for less... check... 3 pairs of shoes... check!