2nd birthday partay...

Do a little shopping of course.

And shopped we did. Nothing extravegant. It never is. We shop on a budget and we think we shop well. We certainly go by the 'buy less, chose well' moto. Except in the dreaded jumble sale that is primark we often buy whatever we see that has potential and then take stuff back. We all know Primark isn't the best quality, and that is fine by us when we are buying signature pieces that may only work for a couple of seasons. So when we saw a bright yellow jacket with scalloped edging we could not refuse. Another jacket with a lovely print was another buy. Lovley for now. May not wear come next spring. And that's ok when it was a mere £17 squid. The question we always ask ourselves... Could this be mistaken for Zara? The question often serves us well... bargains... check.  Zara style for less... check... 3 pairs of shoes... check!