Can you have it all in life?


I think we get so caught up in wanting it all, all the time, now.

You really can have it all, but to some degree. I think you can have a great career and a good relationship. You can be fit and still go out for dinner, you can eat non nutritious foods and still be "healthy" you can be honest, evolve, move on from people and still be a nice person.

But there will always be sacrifices and priority shifts.

What I notice in my job is that often people aren't up for that. It's an extremes game. It's all or nothing. Even when thats proved to them time and time again, to be ineffective.


In some cases, some people aren't willing to give up a whole pizza in exchange for half a pizza, or they won't swap the full fat coke for the diet coke. They won't stop the cardio even if that no longer sees them results. They would rather burn out and do it all or eat all the foods than compromise and half some of them. And yet. Your lifestyle would be so much more manageable, likeable, doable, approachable if we could all find this balance. 

On the other hand you don't want to sacrifice anything and yet on the other hand, you want every goal of you've ever wanted, like yesterday.  

You can have the burger and fries and still have abs. But at some points on your journey you may be better off making a better choice. You have to decide what you want the most. For me and my clients I want them to eat the burger and then not feel shit. I want that for them cos if its a choice of burger or abs, the burger always wins. 

But, we could have the burger and a body that we feel comfy in. The compromise could be the abs. Cos abs wont promise you comfort in the skin anyways.  

You can have a career and still make time for your loved ones but sometimes the priority will be your husband and other times it will be the job. But every day you may not get all your work in as well as quality time with your husband. So you prioritise on any given day. 


You can be healthy and eat non nutritious foods. But some days you make better choices and other days you decide your soul health is more important.  But you have to be accountable. You have to make decisions. You have to be ok with your choice to eat junk if you want junk. You should be ok with that. Some days you want to cry into a pint of ice cream. That. Is. Ok. And if that means it slows progress down on whatever body goal journey you are on. Please let it and trust that today, that was the priority YOU chose. 

I think that main thing is, if we all started being in it for the process and not the end result. We would all enjoy it so much more. The choices we made wouldnt be so all or nothingy.  

It's not the end of the world that some meals I eat for fuel and nutrition more than my taste buds and soul (yes there's a compromise) but some days I am willing to not eat the most delicious thing on the menu cos I know the next day I'm going to my fav restaurant where I will have the non nutritious meal then. That compromise is ok for me. I don't regret or resent finding that balance. But there is a balance.  


If you really think about it. The compramise is not that much of a sacrifice. Most compromises you make on this "lifestyle" change will be beneficial to you. Choosing not to work late every night and prioritising your husband sometimes will benefit you. You will be happier and less resentful therefore it will benefit your work too when you next go in, refreshed and happy.  

Choosing the sea bass and French fries but not the pudding might make you feel less bloated or sluggish and therefore you stay awake to watch the crime documentary you planned to watch. With hubby. 

Choosing to wake up 3 mornings a week early to go train doesnt have to be the end of the world, perhaps starting 3 days early means you get more done at work and you don't have to stay late every day.  


Choosing to not eat a crossaint from Pret every morning and instead make some overnight oats means that you save money and have more energy balance leeway to enjoy a brunch with the girls on the weekend without sacrificing your body comp goals plus its just more nutritious for you and you feel fuller for longer at work. 

The priorities in your life should always be inline with what gives you a better quality, and is more in line with your values. Sometimes we are so hell bent on not changing or sacrificing cos we think it will mean our lives will be shit. But actually. 9 times out of 10 our lives become better.  

The long term gain for a short term sacrifice or priority shift can benefit us ten fold. It's not all doom and gloom.