Everyones getting married...

Jump for freaking joy... countless weddings mean countless wedding outfits. Some may throw their hands up in despair at the very thought, but oh not Bobbie... We take a leaf out of Bobbies book on this. Use it as excuse to get ya glad rags on and wear something elegant and classy. Because let's face it. We are not classy all the other days of the year. But, weddings call for such decorum and we do like to oblige. Get our Audrey Hepburn on we shall.

However there are rules in how to dress for such events. rules that muat be followed.

Bobbie would never ever ever...

Wear white... not even a white skirt. Just do not bother. White is for the bride and the bride only. Wearing white only looks like you are sort of trying to steal some sort of lime light. We say white but we would also avoid creams, ivorys and nudes.

NEVER wear a 5/6 inch heel...(if you do? Take a snazzy pair of flats, there are so many pretty flats out there you have no excuse) You are up and about from an early hour. Your standing around doing pictures, your dancing to the good old wedding songs (hopefully your young enough that the birdy song isn't one of them) and your feet are going to hurt and blister... which leads us onto our next... 'never ever'...

Wear a brand new pair of shoes. Of course it is tempting but... unless you have worn them in, it is a risky little game. 

Never ever wear a tight dress you can't breathe in. Ourselves have done this, even worn the spanx to help squeeze into said toit dress, only to eat the canapés,  the five course dinner, the cake, drink the champagne, eat the chocolate fountain fondu and then want to pop. And pop we do. There is nothing worse than... One, trying not to burst out of the dress and two trying not to bottom burp all evening. (Please note... Bobbie does not enjoy weddings mainly for the food and booze. I repeat 'Bobbie' does not love weddings mainly for the food and booze.)

Another must not do at a wedding... don't wear a dress with a train or wear a dress that could look like a bridesmaid dress. It's not big and it is not clever.

Never do your nails the morning of... your rushing, your running late, you have to shave, wash your hair, tong your hair, try on four outfits... noone has time for their nails to dry... (Please note, do not listen to the 'quick dry' nail polish marketing slogans. They lie)

Also...Bobbie never wears all black. Some black. A black skirt, a black vest, a black hat if you must... but all black looks like your heading into mourning, so she avoids at all costs.

And last but not least Bobbie never ever wears denim, a scrunchy, kitten heels, spandex, a boob tube or hoop earings to a wedding! Ever!

This weekend we styled our very own Bobbie boutique cigarette pants with a vest (a black vest) from good old Primark, with a black pair of barely there's,  also from good ol Primark. We have never worn trousers to a wedding before and we must say, it was rather liberating. One felt like she take on the world... Whilst eating the canapés,  the 5 course dinner,  the cake,  drinking the champagne and eating far too much chocolate fountain fondu... We did not, we repeat, pop out of our outfit... However,  we may have slightly, accidently popped off and couple of times... which Bobbie would never, ever do!