The Kim Kardashian lollipop

But this is (I know im sure youve seen lots of these but we need to see as much resistence as possible) a message to say FUXK YOU & your hunger supressent chemical shit stick. Eff you & shove it up your AR...


When I was 14, I would have been so happy to read that this existed. Id of searched high & low trying to get it. I mean, at 14, I was wishing I could only eat 1 apple a day (if only I was disciplined enough) & wow. If a lolly, an actually tasty lolly had been around, id have bought one for every day if I could. Cos I was adament, my body wasnt good, beautiful, acceptable, lovable, fashionable, skinny- enough.

I really did, without a doubt, believe that I was worth so little that I should starve myself if I could OR alternatively, beat myself up if I couldnt be.

But imagine. Imagine if Bliss mag had advertised these with some random model sayin she got skinny cos of this lillipop. Me and a couple mill people reading that mag would so be all over it...

Imagine if 20 years later someone (not a model) but someone with more influence (100mil plus influencence)  advertised such a product. Imagine what that could do? It took me nearly 20 years to get over the pain of hating my body. I make daily f*cking moves to help me, to help others, to not feel like that. To take a step forward. And then the industry (the suppossed "health/fitness" industry, "oks" this bullshit & we take 10 steps back. We are in a bubble. I follow u & u me cos we love wellness, we are all trying to be on the #lovemybodynomatterwhat train, drinking champers together & eating REAL SUGARY lollipops. We might not be affected other than being outraged.

 Contined on from insta..

But theres girls out there that are saving their pocket money to buy these jus so they can not feel hungry.

If I could tell me 14 year old self that hunger was a good thing. It was a sign to eat. A sign that the body needed energy and nourishment and love.

To be able to explain to my 14 year old self that there is a difference between emotional hunger and actual hunger and that if she could start to be happy in her skin, she wouldnt feel the need to eat 10 cookies and maybe just have 2 (ok 3) but that even if I did want and eat 20 cookies, that I was never ever ever deserving of anything less than a good meal. I deserved more than a lollipop that takes that natural signal to help me survive. To look after our gorgeous amazing beautiful body...

You deserve to eat. To be happy. To not feel the need to buy into such crazy atrocious messages.

When we think the cabbage soup diet is behind us, or that people are starting to realise, food is not (nor our bodies) the enemy, someone comes and trys to imply otherwise.

Fuxk. That. Shit.

You are allowed to lose weight, grow a butt, tone up... whatever u wanna do. But you are allowed to not do that too. You are allowed to love your body just as it is,if it gets leaner, if it gains weight, if you get some more dimples, or you dont. You are allowed to accept it, eat for it and nurture it like it were the most important thing on the earth. Because it is.

Your body does things far beyond comprehension. It keeps you alive. It keeps me alive. And to use something that is essentially threatening its survival, is disrespectful to you, me and to all the work its done for us so far.

So to keep this as short and sweet as I possibly can.

Never ever believe that you need to supress your hunger. Never ever believe that you are nothing short of amazing! Always!

Lots of love


A letter from my body:

I am sorry that I was not lean enough for you. Im sorry that you didnt like me for all those years. I tried my best, i did what i was out here to do. Keep you alive. And although there were many times you wished I hadnt because I didnt supply you with legs like Kate moss, I kept you alive anyways because you are amazing and deserve to know that. I prayed one day you would see me in the mirror and be kind. I prayed one day you would feel full and nourished. I prayed that one day you would feel hunger and eat to fill you up and not blame me afterwards. I prayed you would stop feeling guilty for the fact you didnt look like others and that one day you would stop comparing me to them. Because I was and still am, doing the best I can and I will always, always try to, even when you push me away. I will try even harder. So that lolly you might think will help you love me, and that waist trainer you think might help you love me, and that tea... I will keep going for you, until you push me too far. Some peoples bodies do give up. Some do say they cant do it anymore. And I dont want that to happen.

But I promise, if you start to love me, when you do, I will be there for you then too.

Until then. I hope you can start caring for me, the way I do for you. Step by step. One Ice cream and green smoothie at a time. Cos believe it or not. I like both. In moderation. Too much spirilina really doesnt agree with me 🤓

Yours sincerely

Your one and only body.