Sugar on toast: Will it make you fat?



I'll start my post how I will start most of my fitness post from now on... 

Is it the worst thing in the world if you gain some fat? Because the thing is you won't "be" fat. You may "have" some fat. And if you "gain" some fat, you can "lose" some fat and that right there is the magic. Nothing. Nothing is permanent. By telling yourself you "are" fat or will "be" fat, has you making a decision right then and there that this IS your story.  

It is not. your story is anything you want it to be. Being fat is by the way, an ok story. If you decide you do not want to change. But if you do, that's ok Too, but I suggest starting with what you say and how you say it. I "have" fat right now. I "am" a worthy, beautiful human either way. I will lose the fat if and when I please... 

Ok we got that clear? goodo. 

So sugar on toast. Will you gain fat if you eat it everyday for breakfast? And if you haven't had sugar on toast before, well aren't you missing a treat and all I can say is I am jealous. Because that 1st time you try it, it is like no other. You can't recreate that rush of pure taste bud explosion of sweetness on hot doughy bread with melted butter *wipes dribble from mouth. 

Ok so sidenote: I am not advocating that sugar on toast is a good nutritious breakfast to have every morning. Nor do I want you to become accustomed to such living. As I said, its never as amazing the 2nd 3rd 4th time... although, well, it comes very close. But that euphoria should be kept at bay. Bot because it is BAD. No food is BAD. But because some things should be kept special, for special occasions. Remember the 1st time you wore your fav dress? But then the 14th day in a row, well, meh, the dress just looks like any ol dress. The joy had worn off? Yup. Life. But you wanna keep the special feelings special. So I hereby say, don't have sugar on toast everyday. 


If You did, would it make you gain fat? If you substituted it for peanut butter on toast or maple syrup and nut butter on toast, and you had that everyday instead, would that be better? would it mean you would gain less fat or none at all? Should you avoid toast? People tell you toast is not a good breakfast when you are healthy, unless you put avocado on it. Right?  

I have so many clients asking me if certain foods will make them gain more fat.

Is sugar addictive? Are carbs gonna make you bloated? Should you cut out carbs to lose fat?  

No. No. No to all of the above.  

Firstly. Sugar isn't addictive... see this article here.  

Secondly, carbs may make you feel a bit full because carbs hold more water and weigh more in volume. If and only IF you have an intolerance to gluten say, will you experience bloating. Like real bloating. Not just a little food baby cos you ate, but painful, 8 months pregnant bloating.  

Thirdly, you can lose fat consuming carbs 100% I've done it myself. And in my life I will never, ever give up carbs again. Over my bread body.  

Avo on toast, even peanut butter on toast, is more nutritious. Which means it is more filling. Avocado on toast is not offered as a healthy alternative to (let's say sugar) because it's less calories. On the contrary, its more, but because there are far more nutrients in avo on toast and it will be more satiating and better for you. Sugar has no useful micro nutrient in its most processed form (ie white bleached sugar)

But will that make me gain fat then? Guys...  the secret is this. All food,any food, can make you gain fat... if you eat above your maintenance cals! But as I said in my previous post, that you can find here... it is harder to go over your maintenance cals if you mainly eat veggies and grains and whole, non processed foods. Eat food that fills you up, that gives you nutrients, satisfies you, doesn't give you a taste for more and more sweet things. And you're good to go. 

But essentially. Sugar on toast will not make you gain fat if you have it and stay within your maintenance or deficit cals.  

Sugar is not the devil. Bread is also not Jack the Ripper and gaining fat, is not the worst thing that could ever happento you. 


so if the take home you get from this is...  

Eat yo veggies and protein. 

Have some soul food sometimes.  

Trust that certain foods will not make you gain fat specifically.  

Gaining fat is ok.  

Then my work here is done. 

Happy Friday loves. 


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