Brixton night aaat aaat...

There is nothing better than getting your glad rags on and going aaaaat aaaaat with the gal dem. When we say aaaat aaaat we mean going for cocktails in

The Lounge

in Brixton, yummy burgers at

Honest Burger

in the village, a cheeky bottle of champers at

Champagne and Fromage

, some dancing and some more cocktails. I know this may sound tame but we will have you know we ordered the burger off the 'specials' list and we had elderflower liqueur in our champers! Cray cray! I have to tell you there are no better cocktails in Brixron than at lounge. There is a scrummy list that we find hard to chose from. When we first moved to Brixton there was not the extensive list of places to go. There was The lounge and


on Brixton road, but five years on, one Starbucks, one Costa coffee, boutiques and pop ups by the dozen, it is hard pushed to make a decision, let alone get a table at all the places there are. But despite the competition, The Lounge stands strong and firm and it isn't (thank goodness) going anywhere. Now Bobbie of course would not drink far too much, dance with no rhythym or eat until she couldn't breath. She would get home, down a pint of water, some ibuprofen and wake up breezy and head to the gym. She most certainly wouldn't stop off at Macdonalds for a chocolate Sunday, fall asleep on the sofa, with a faceful of chocolate sauce, wake up at 1pm and eat ice cream in bed the whole day... no no no! Bobbies wouldn't... but we just might.

Glad rags for the evening included black on black with a snippet of gold. You can never go wrong with black on black... unless you are inclined to spill mayon down your new cammi vest.